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The Mercy Project is a local organisation with a passion for serving others.

Our reason for being is to meet the needs of others where we can by responding, supporting, signposting and encouraging. We do this in several ways, working with others and seeking to serve our local community.


The impact of Covid has been significant in our local communities and to support needs locally we are inviting applications from local groups who have:

  • Identified a need in their community

  • Are concerned enough to try to do something about it

  • Want to reach out to others

  • Want to help soothe the impact of Covid in the community


You may think there is a need to work with young people, to support the elderly, to help those in unemployment, to help people reconnect or rebuild confidence.


If you have an idea and a heart to make it happen, come and talks to us.


We are providing grants from £100 to £500 to help local initiatives start something that can make a difference.


We will support you in your application process and try to guide you in the initial stages if you wish, but after this it's over to you- your community- your response.


Together we can make a difference and giving you the finance you need as a starter is something we wish to do.


The number of grants offered is limited, but you could use our fund to match fund from other offers to meet the needs of your community.


We want to see people Look Up and Look Forward as we learn to live with the impact of the last few months. What does your community need? How can you – working alongside others – make this happen?


We look forward to hearing from you and hope together we can make a difference.


Contact us on: for more information or an informal conversation or complete the form on this website.

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